Talal Abu Ghazaleh University launches in September

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University (TAGIUNI), a university that provides digital classroom education, is preparing for its first academic year starting this September. The university will partner with international institutions such as universities, non-governmental organizations, training institutions, and language schools, to provide online education to a global student body.

The company, wholly owned and funded by TAG-Org, was established in Lebanon in 2012 as a corporate university. It’s a different kind of corporate university, however, as it not only targets company staff and clients, but also individuals from all over the world.

Dr Talal Abu-Ghazaleh said: “We deliver world-class programs online to everybody in the world. It is an opportunity for every human being on earth, regardless of sex, age, nationality, to become a global educated citizen. He will be able to contribute to his country by being educated at higher international standards.”

Photo Credit: www.tagiuni.com

Photo Credit: www.tagiuni.com

Getting higher education on the Internet has many advantages over traditional universities, according to Dr Abu-Ghazaleh. Students do not have to obtain a visa for studying abroad, which in turn cuts travel expenses. It also won’t be necessary for them to quit their jobs as they can choose when, where, and how to study. And to make higher education more affordable, TAGIUNI’s partners offer students discounts on their programs.

Dr Abu-Ghazaleh sees that digital education is the way to the future. “There’s a study that predicts that in 2020, 80% of US universities will be virtual and all education will be online. I would definitely give preference to someone who graduated online than to someone who has had a traditional classroom education because an online-educated person has a much wider horizon. He’s had the opportunity to access an unlimited number of resources, experiences and knowledge from all over the world which makes him a ‘knowledge student’.”

TAGIUNI is established as a social responsibility project aimed to democratize world-class education. It works with over 20 partners such as the British Council, Pearson- Edexcel, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The University offers Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in a wide range of courses such as Information Technology, Banking, Health Sciences, Law, Marketing, Project Management, Psychology and many more.

Abu-Ghazaleh believes that the University will pave the way to more online-based services in Jordan, such as e-government. ”We are heading towards further innovation and knowledge development stages in Jordan and the world whereby the individual and the machine will become closer partners. 

“The world is moving so fast and we are now in a transition period, which is why some countries like Jordan are still dragging their feet about accrediting online education, which is something I find very disappointing. Technology only moves forward and this particular technology of interaction is going to be more perfected as days go by.”

This piece was published in Venture Magazine.


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