‘Be proud’ becomes Twitter trend after King’s address to nation

AMMAN — Social media users took to Twitter and Facebook soon after His Majesty King Abdullah’s address to the nation on Tuesday evening, creating a trending hashtag in Arabic that translates into “be proud.”

Jordanian users across social media platforms lauded King Abdullah for his words of encouragement, stressing the nation’s resilience despite threats and challenges.

The quote from the speech most shared by social media users was: “Above all, today, I say to you, the men and women of Jordan: Be proud.”

The hashtag was trending on Twitter. 

@HattabRashad wrote: “From Amman the capital of all Arabs: #Be_Proud.”

“#Be_Proud and raise your head high, and don’t bow for anyone but God. We stand by our King Abdullah and our country the Hashemite Kingdom,” tweeted hazem tarawneh (@HaZemTarawneh).

“The King said #Be_Proud because you are Jordanian, and I say be proud and raise your head up high to the skies of Amman,” said @younisabdalla.

@AsmaAlam wrote: “#Be_Proud because you are Jordanian and be proud because the whole world is giving you a standing ovation.”

Facebook users also shared the phrase on their profiles. Najeeb Haddad posted: “#YouareJordanian #Be_Proud. I am Jordanian, I am proud.”

Kawthar Bassam Al Qudah shared a video of the speech and wrote: “Thank you Your Majesty. Our King is ambitious. #Be_Proud #YouareJordanian.”

On Wednesday, the capital’s streets and roundabouts were decorated with Jordanian flags and banners with the words “Be Proud.”

This piece was published in The Jordan Times. 


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