JT readers commend sanitation workers, criticise littering

A sanitation worker disposes of trash in Amman on Monday (Photo by Osama Agarbeh)

A sanitation worker disposes of trash in Amman on Monday (Photo by Osama Agarbeh)

AMMAN — Readers of The Jordan Times on Monday expressed their appreciation of and respect for sanitation workers in Jordan through comments on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

Interacting with a photo of a sanitation worker in Amman, readers criticised the actions of some city residents who litter instead of disposing of garbage in the allocated trash bins, commending the effort that sanitation workers put into keeping the capital clean.

“Sorry for all the idiots who drop their litter on the floor expecting you to clean it up,” David Rhys Williams posted, addressing the worker in the photo.

Jan Heesbeen said: “Very tough job and well done, lots of respect to these hard working people I see every day along the roads of Amman. It’s a pity that people still throw things from the car and leave a mess. Thanks to the man in orange we live in a clean city.”

Similarly, Trevor Edwards said: “Thanks for doing a great job and sorry some people have yet to learn what a bin is!”

Other readers expressed their deepest gratitude to the workers and gave recognition to their efforts. 

“I would raise my hat and thank him sincerely because if it weren’t for him and his colleagues, Amman would be very ‘not clean’,” Rana S. Naber said.

“Shukran! I have been in Amman many times and appreciate the work of this man and others to keep the city clean,” commented John Lawlor.

“I thank him and his colleagues for their hard work all year round. Bravo. And much respect,” Amel Khalid wrote.

Between January and October 2014, the Greater Amman Municipality registered 51,727 littering violations through its surveillance cameras.

Around 2.13 million tonnes of waste, and 18,000 tonnes of medical and hazardous materials, are generated annually in Jordan, according to experts and workers in the field.

This piece was published in The Jordan Times


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